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Jim's clients are individuals, students, employees, investors, doctors, nurses, hospitals, scholars, schools, computer programmers, software developers, fashion designers, accountants, dentists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, managers and executives of multinational corporations, office clerks, market research analysts, small, medium, large companies of all sorts, sewing factories, garment manufacturers and wholesalers, freight forwarders, custom brokers, commercial loan brokers, and the list goes on. You name an occupation and a type of business, most likely Jim has done an immigration case for it, with success.


지난6개월간 영주권을 받는과정속에 주신 도움과 친절에 너무나 감사드립니다. 진심으로 제인생에 보기드물었던 인내심과 친절을 경험 하였습니다. 우리둘다 너무 고맙게생각하며, 하나님축복을 빕니다.

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